My Internet Crush (Social Media Romance or Catfish?)

(Much has blossomed from the rise of social media. Can romance?)

I met her on Twitter.

I follow people randomly to see what they have to offer, especially if listed in Los Angeles. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they reveal hidden city gems, and sometimes they are just good writers. Fine fine fine she was cute too (all 3” of her thumbnail pic) but I wouldn’t have kept her in my feed if that was the only reason. Having an internet crush is fun, passes the time, and probably provides the same dopamine rush as the occasional McDonald’s hamburger but in the end how much do you really know about someone from the Internet?

As much as you would like to romanticize it you really don’t know anything about someone besides their 140 character tweets. They might make you laugh, you might frequent the same joints, and love the same bands but that’s about it.

How do you know their avatar is real? How do you know that picture wasn’t taken 10 years and 200 pounds ago? How do you know they are who they say they are? How do you know they aren’t horribly disfigured (not that that’s bad but it’s certainly not who you were picturing)? Geez, didn’t you see the movie Catfish (don’t, it’s horribly anticlimactic).

We tend to romanticize things because we are human and relationships are biologically important to us. It doesn’t matter if rom-coms, pop music, or Disney movies made us that way the fact is we are. It’s just, how do you personally deal with it? You have to be smart about it. Be cautious with your expectations (especially if you are a woman) because you never know.

Internet crushes are fun but that’s all they really are. They are a good way to tie you over in between dates/relationships just like eating a small snack before a meal. Social media crushes are the granola bars of the internet. There are thousands of other real people you can meet every day on the streets of Los Angeles so stop hiding in your online safety bubble. Get out there and experience life.

With my Internet crush I am fairly certain she isn’t an obese white guy in a basement in Arkansas but she is still fun think about and I do get a flicker of excitement when I see her in my Twitter feed. But just like any of my celebrity favorites (The Rock, Heidi Klum, Zack Morris) a large part of me doesn’t ever want to meet them in fear that they don’t meet my expectations. I would say 95% of me doesn’t ever ever ever want to meet her. Ok ok, maybe more like 85%.

[Photo: La Chope Des Puces in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris]


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