Alternate Slogans For The City of New York

(As if New York needed a boost in tourism, here are a couple new PR slogans for the Big Apple.)

After spending the past week in New York I think I got a good feel for the city. Instead of bombarding you on Twitter with my new slogans for the Big Apple I compiled a couple of my favorites here:

  • New York: You must have greater than one cell phone to live here
  • New York: Just when you thought your shoes were comfy
  • New York: Girls like to live here just because its “so vintage”
  • New York: Everything here costs $8 more than you think it should
  • New York: Nope, you can’t park there
  • New York: We’ve got people
  • New York: No but seriously this cabbie really does like Aziz Ansari
  • New York: Sit on our steps
  • New York: You think your rent is too expensive?
  • New York: Central Park nudity
  • New York: No one is from here
  • New York: My hallway smells ethnic
  • New York: We’ve got pizza
  • New York: According to google maps everything is 0.3 miles away
  • New York: Screaming hobos abundant
  • New York: We’ve got buildings
  • New York: Can you Shazaam an accent?
  • New York: Listen to your neighbors have sex
  • New York: Pretend to read on the subway
  • New York: Eww, why are you poor?
  • New York: We’ve got gays
  • New York: We don’t like Jersey either
  • New York: Just as many tiny dogs as LA
  • New York: Do you have any Purell?
  • New York: Walk faster
  • New York: Every subway ride is a missed connection
  • New York: Sponsored by EVERYTHING
  • New York: The bathroom is at Starbucks
  • New York: Ok, who touched my butt
  • New York: No shirt, no tie, no service

Or they could just stick with the tried and true t-shirt slogan: “I heart NY”.

[Photo: Downtown New York]


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