How Much Does Love Cost?

(Does love have a cost and are you already paying the price?)


Do you think a teenager would appreciate a new car more if his parents gave it to him or if he had to earn it by flipping hamburgers? Do you think a frat guy would cherish his fraternity more if he had to go through “hell week” initiations or if he only had to pay $50 to become a member? Do you think an actress would appreciate her Oscar more if it took 20 years of hard work to get it or if she was handed it after her first role? Would you appreciate a guy more if he called you the same night he got your number or if he called you in two days?

Even if you aren’t religious you understand the quote “God knows how to put a price on his treasures”. What is the ultimate treasure? Love. All you need is love. You don’t need a new jet ski, you don’t need a bigger backyard, you don’t need a spinners on your car. All you need is love. As you get older you understand this more and more. So if the ultimate “treasure” is love then would you respect and appreciate it if it was just handed it to you?

If that basic want for connection is what we strive for so much as human beings then why do we make it so hard on each other?  Why do you pretend like we don’t really want to talk to that guy at the bar? Why do you wait three days to call her? Why do you pretend to be reading that book when you really want to talk to the guy sitting across from you on the subway? Why do we make it so hard on each other if it’s what all we really want as humans?

What if all the games we play during courtship may it be texting, the two day rule, or the three date rule, the car door opening test, the “how nice is he to the waiter” check, were all necessary to appreciate love? What if all the heart ache, the Friday nights alone, the bad dates, the botched online dating profile, the getting stood up, the missed connections, were all necessary for you to truly value love when you finally found it? What if all that “bad” is necessary for contrast so you can learn what “good” really is?

Would you know how good the sex is unless you compared it to others? Would you know how to make topics a discussion instead of an argument if you didn’t get in enough fights before? Would you know how kind and romantic he is if all of your previous boyfriends treated you just the same way? Would you be able to appreciate the woman that supports your chosen career path if all of the other’s before did it just the same?

We need the bad to appreciate the good. We need the games, we need the turmoil, we need the loneliness so we can truly appreciate love when it comes our way. And only after we’ve gone through those things will we respect and appreciate when love comes knocking on our door. And then you will also know when you need to fight for it. And then you will know when you need to do everything in your power to not let it go because “this” is love. “This” is what has been preached to you by endless pop songs, movies, and literature since the beginning of time. Only after all this strife will you truly appreciate the love you have for what it is. Anything that’s worth it in life may it be becoming a guitar savant, raising children, or having a successful relationship comes with a price. But in this case, for love, this is a price we should all be willing to pay.

[Photo: Prague, Czech Republic]


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