Where Are All The “Real Men”?

(If women miss “real men” then why aren’t they here? And what happened to them?)

I miss women.

I’m talking a woman that is a woman. As we become more progressive a society and women are taking on more of the traditional masculine roles men are left in limbo. We don’t know how to feel or think or act anymore. Any display or act of masculinity is now shot down by women for the sake of equality. Men don’t know if they should hold open a door anymore, if they should put their last name on a marriage license, or if they should pay on a date. This leaves men walking around like an abused dog wondering when he is going to be hit next. This creates a society of tentative men that are quickly losing their masculinity. They have no idea what it is to be or feel like a man anymore. This constant brow beating of men has created a diluted gender of men and less alpha males. The type of males your female instincts are subconsciously drawn to. Women, you’re winning and getting what you want. Look at the statistics, women are getting the better jobs and are graduating college at a higher rate than men. The irony is we are slowly starting to lose our gender identities. This creates a lack of what women appear to be missing the most when they say “where have all the real men gone?”. Have they all retreated to the ranches in Montana and the rock quarries of Nevada? Or are what women really want slowly becoming extinct in society? We are quickly running low on our Clint Eastwoods and Duane “The Rock” Johnsons and it’s being replaced by the Zac Efrons and Robert Pattinsons.

But the problem here goes both ways, men miss women. We miss the feminine woman. We miss a woman that looks like a woman. We miss a woman that has style and dresses like a woman not some hipster that dresses like a boy. We miss the femininity that men are instinctually attracted to. We miss the svelte shape of a woman that is quickly being replaced by skyrocketing obesity. We miss the type of woman that isn’t offended by that statement because she takes care of herself.  We miss a dress and heels. We miss lipstick and long hair. We miss femininity. We miss women.

So what now? We are stuck in this odd transition point as a society where gender roles are slowly becoming equal. Both men and women don’t know how to think or act anymore. Now that the lines are becoming increasingly more blurred women miss “real men” and men miss “real women”. And how do we deal with this rapidly changing society that was so different from our childhoods and what movies told to us to do? Do we keep searching for that needle in a haystack that is a “real woman” or a “real man”? Or do we settle for whatever androgynous puddle is in front of us? We have completely shot our self in the foot and now we are left to clean up the mess without a mop in sight. It doesn’t matter if it’s society, “the media”, or perpetuated gender roles that caused this problem. The fact is the problem is here, because men miss women and women miss men.

What are we going to do now?

[Photo: The street art of Downtown Los Angeles] 


4 responses to “Where Are All The “Real Men”?

  1. obesity has nothing to do with women wtf. you can’t link women to ‘skyrocketing obesity’ and have men lament that, that’s so wrong

    • Men are incredibly visual and the figure of a woman has strong psychological links to her femininity. Obesity makes (both genders) appear to be androgynous.

  2. obesity has literally nothing to do with androgyny. fat people are still recognizably male and female. and, besides, i was actually commenting on your language in that sentence. it implies the hurtful and unrealistic idea that women are somehow the cause of obesity (or more culpable than men). i would at least revise that statement. it’s seriously wrong.

    • You’re an idiot. What he’s saying is he misses the feminine shape of a woman, rather than the shape of an androgynous blob that the vast majority of Americans are taking on. He only mentioned women because, well, didn’t you read the article?

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