Why Men Prefer Women With Long Hair

(Women love to cut their hair short, but men prefer women with long hair.)

Last night, at a bar in Silverlake, I saw an attractive girl with short hair.

This shocked me and I took a beat, when was the last time I saw an attractive girl with short hair? Despite countless polls, articles, and theories explaining why guys don’t like short hair, women hack it off anyway. Well I’m here to tell you what most guys are afraid to say, guys like women with long hair — we actually prefer it. Women are the ones that like other women with short hair. If you decide to cut your hair short, then be prepared for the consequences. Men may find you less attractive and perhaps not even look at you. If you’re an actress, you may be typecast. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, he may think you’re a lesbian. Of course, not all lesbians have short hair, but it’s a subconscious question that pops up in people’s heads whether we like it or not. When women contemplate this drastic hair change, they always point to a celebrity and how great she looks with it. Sure Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway look okay with short hair, but it’s only because they have very feminine facial structures. That being said, they look exponentially better with long hair. Most women will end up looking like Miley Cyrus.

So why shouldn’t you cut your hair?

It’s more feminine
Long hair is instinctually seen as more feminine and men love this about women. If we wanted to date a guy, then we would. In movies, if the storyline requires that a girl dress like a guy, the first thing they do is cut her hair, because her hair is a dead give-away; so keep this in mind when you consider cutting it all off. Your girlfriends will applaud you for your bold change, but only because they envy the courage it took to do it, not because it looks good. Men like women with long hair; there aren’t cave drawings of women with pixie cuts because long hair is feminine. Man’s instincts and what he is attracted to haven’t changed that much in the past five thousand years.

Guys like change
Men are visual creatures and we like attractive women. The number one thing a guy is going to be attracted to you for is your looks. Way far distant galaxies away in second place is your personality. We’re not proud of this, but this is who we are and we accept it. Even though personality wins out in the long run, looks always wins in the short run. Because men are dominated by their sense of vision, guys watch porn and check out women. We get bored easily, so we look around for new stimuli to release the dopamine and serotonin that makes us feel good. Even if he’s 100% faithful to you, he’s going to check out and fantasize about other women; this is what men are. One of the things guys love about long hair is that you can constantly change it. You can put it up, down, pull it into a pony-tail, a bun, a wave, curls, whatever. If you have a pixie cut, the only thing you can do is put product in and hope it’s a good hair day. And now you’ve eliminated the joy of letting him run his fingers through it, of playing with it, of pulling it, of you looking feminine. Guys are morons, we like change and we like toys. Your hair gives a man revolving visual stimuli and something to play with.

You may not have the facial structure
You may not have the facial structure for short hair. Very few women look good with short hair. Probably all of the same women who look good with short hair, look even better with long hair. If your face is round or you’re overweight, it’s not going to look good; long hair frames your face better. You already know this, because that’s what you do when you choose earrings.

So you can listen to what your girlfriends and Cosmo tell you about what a man wants, or you can listen to a man tell you what men want. Men like long hair. Sure there are men out there that are totally going to dig your short locks, but these are outliers and with short hair, you’re severely cutting your opportunities. You know how you feel about guys having long hair? That’s how guys feel about women with short hair.

By the way, that girl at the bar in Silverlake, I saw her with her girlfriend later — she was a lesbian

[Photo: York Blvd. in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles]


39 responses to “Why Men Prefer Women With Long Hair

  1. Men like long hair because they can pull on it while they fucking. Most women like that too.

  2. Psychology Today reported on some studies proving that it’s more instinctive than that. It’s a visible health record for identifying good, healthy mates.

  3. I’ve learned the hard way to never ever cut mu long thick hair again. I’m fifty and rocking mid-back hair after my hubby asked me to go short cause he said I looked better with short hair. Well I didn’t! And i’ll be ricking this hair til I’m seventy!

  4. Well said, Chris. My wife is 55, and still keeps her hair long, beautiful, and SEXY! She looks 10-15 years younger than she is.

  5. ” you’re severely cutting your opportunities.” I would like to know what opportunities are you talking about. The opportunity of pleasing men and their eyes since they are such visual creatures? Who the hell do you think you are MEN? or who the hell do you think YOU ARE to say what all guys love . I have always loved my long-hair but your objectifying discourse just made me want to cut it all , just to see if I will miss some “OPPORTUNITY IN MY LIFE” .

    • I am a man that knows how men think. Men prefer women with long hair. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but if writers had to address every single outlier in the world then we could comment on nothing. You are free to do whatever you want with your life but you will never know some of the “opportunities” you’re missing unless they are shown to you.

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  7. I have short hair since I can remember and never had lack of attention from men. Im nothing special. My face is pleasant to look at, I have decent body, green eyes and a strong personality, but I have never been mistaken for a lesbian because of my short hair. Shallow men like that are not worth touching with ten foot pole. I used to date and party a lot for years as a single person. Now I am married for 15 years to a great looking guy and he still likes me with short hair. I am not an exception. There are plenty of women out there like me. To grow hair is a choice and it depends on a person’s likes and dislikes. Its an expression of personality. Not everyone likes same things. For example some girls might like Chris Backley, but I dont….LOL.

    • How do you know you have “never had a lack of attention from men”? You have nothing to compare it to, and could have quite possibly got more attention than you already do if you had long hair. Of course not everyone likes the same things, but if you were single and trying to have a wider appeal, then the majority then men prefer women with long hair.

  8. Ever since I cut my hair pixie short months ago, I have been asked out on dates so many more times than I ever did when I had long hair. Girls who are thinking of cutting their hair – do not take into consideration what others will think of it. Because you know what? WHO CARES. As long as you are happy with it, that’s really all that matters. I love my short hair and am never going back.

    • I agree with you that “if you’re happy with it, that’s all that really matters.” But you may be attributing your increase in dates to the wrong thing. What if your confidence level has just skyrocketed thus making you sexier? What if you had an intimidating beauty and you cutting your hair just made you more approachable? Etc.

      • Chris: When you put it that way, you’ve stopped placing attention on the hair, but rather, how attractive a woman’s PERSONALITY and CONFIDENCE is to a man. It’s like you’re saying it’s not so much about the HAIR that men pay attention to, but their personality. So if a woman had a knockout persona and terrific charisma, would that make men care less about how short her hair is? Would that–dare I say–make men LESS superficial? Just a thought.

  9. For me it makes it feminine im 17 and i find it fun to have sex with girls with long hair…one girl whom i met at a party had REALLY LING HAIR….beyond her hips and i did her hair to pigtails and we had an awesome night

  10. For me it makes it feminine im 17 and i find it fun to have sex with girls with long hair…one girl whom i met at a party had REALLY LING HAIR….beyond her hips and i did her hair to pigtails and we had an awesome night…and she was actually indian…first time sleeping with an indian chic LOL

  11. My fiancé was with a girlfriend of five years when he met me. She was gorgeous and had long blonde hair. I, on the other hand, had short brown hair, and he fell for me and left her anyway. It doesn’t really uphold your theory. Now, he did admit he prefers longer hair and I have since let mine grow out, but if “looks are so much more important than personality,” why did he choose me over her? Maybe not all guys are as fixated on looks as you.

    • Looks aren’t more important than personality, but they do play a large role in initial attraction. Just because your current boyfriend left someone with long hair for you with short hair, doesn’t mean he is indicative of ALL men. This could just be an isolated incident and I’m speaking for the majority of men. You’re also assuming he left his ex because of your hair length and not the fact that he may have just realized she’s not “the one”.

      Also, you just said “he did admit he prefers long hair”.

  12. This is one of the most honest things I’ve ever read. My interest in it for what its worth: I am 29, attractive, recently single. I was dating a guy who didn’t want me to cut it because he was talking marriage and wanted me to have “wedding hair.” In the end I didn’t want a wedding at all. I know girls tend to make emotional hair decisions so I thought I’d poke around before cutting my below-the-breasts hair above my shoulders. Seeing as how I’d one day like to attract the right person, seems I’d better my odds by keeping my locks. You made so many good points–not many guys would have taken the time–thanks for being an exception.

    • Thanks Kendra. It is a polarizing topic as evidenced by many of the passionate comments above. I think a lot of the tension comes from the fact that the article is written by a man about women, but I think for this topic men are the perfect ones to ask about it.

  13. I agree! I think women with longer hair are simply gorgeous! And it’s true. i like playing with my girlfriend’s hair. It just gives me something to do. Very well written, by the way.

  14. I grow my hair out for a year or 2 then Chop it off. It’s what I do. I have been growing my chin length bob out all winter. Now it’s almost passed my shoulders.

    I am 30 and have never had so much attention before. People think I am 24 someone thought I was 19. It is weird to me. I never noticed this before till I turned 30. Men do like long hair all but my husband. My husband wants me to cut it short. He is one of the few that loves short hair. I said I want to grow it out more. He said no cut it. I am keeping it long I like the attention and looking young is always a plus.

  15. Studies after studies show that men prefer long hair. I am almost 50.I decided to grow my hair out like I had it in my 20’s and mid-30’s. I teach at several high schools and teenagers think I am in my 30’s. I am a size six, work out everyday, love fashionable clothes, wear makeup, etc. but I haven’t had botox. I do have a incredible hair stylist that is considered the best in Denver, Colorado. My husband loves it. And I have more confidence. I look so much better in pictures.

    • I’ve read a bunch of those studies also but a lot of women always belive they are the exception, I’m not sure why that is. Thanks for your story.

  16. As a woman with short hair I tend to agree with the overall point of the article – men will find you less attractive or not even want to look at you. But that statement does not say ‘all straight’ men. “Severely limiting opportunities” if you’re cutting your hair short? Maybe. I would have to see a study on whether short-haired women (what do you define as short hair by the way, anything above the shoulder?) get approached by men less in a bar, club or any social situation where people may be actively seeking a romantic partner.

  17. Women all look the same with long hair, with short hair you will stand out in a crowd, so it’s hard for men not to notice you. I have a bob so what category does that fall under? hah

  18. hey how about women should dress and wear their hair however the fuck they want and men shouldn’t say a fucking thing about it or be so quick to call a woman a lesbian because it’s none of your fucking business

  19. Well i’m 45, still class myself as attractive and have worn my hair long since I can remember. In fact everything from not swearing or getting leathered in public and a love of clothes and all things pretty. In fact I am 150% feminine and would stop anyone from coming at me with a pair of scissors to hack it all off. I’m by no means dumb and hold down a hard job where I run a team of men. But being feminine is that one thing that keeps me feeling sexy. For any woman who finds your opinion offensive wants to try living with my man. He has had several short haired exes and I find it more than offensive when he says “hair’s just hair”. True i love the fact he loves me for who I am regardless but I’d also love it if he noticed the effort it takes when I do my hair in some lovely long styles 🙂

  20. This is too over done but in a lighter sense it is true. Like for example, yes the first thing men care about is your looks but after you’ve passed the “looks checklist” then the number 1 is your personality because that’s what a relationship is all about. And that’s said by my father who is a hard headed man who will say the truth no matter how disappointing it is. Also when I cut my hair from past my boobs to my chin my boyfriend loved it and thought I looked really cute.

    • What did your honest father say about your hair when compared to the older style? You’re right that personality is important in a relationship, but if a guy isn’t attracted to you then he’s never going to get to know that personality.

  21. I bet you if women had started out with short hair men’s views would be different. I want short hair when i’m older (I’m 12.) I wish men would see past your appearance and look at your personality. I could be a total bitch with long hair and I could get lots of dates. But when they actually see my personality they would have wasted their time. Considering I don’t want to date ever (i’m not kidding) this doesn’t really effect me. Why be the same as everyone else. Even if I look masculine I would stand out, being my own leader taking charge of myself and not following old traditions. I respect your opinion, atleast you spoke the truth.

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