3 Benefits To Dating After Twenty-Five

(Are there benefits to dating later in life? Absolutely.)

There’s a giant difference between dating in your younger twenties and dating at any other time in your life. In your younger twenties you’re a lot more lackadaisical with who you date or spend time with. You go out with people you normally wouldn’t, or maybe you stay in a relationship longer than you should, because you‘ve got time. You’re also going to be a lot more cavalier with you suitors and who you pay attention to. And then there are also times you may pass on X person because there “are always plenty of fish in the sea” for you to choose from in the future. In your younger years, you have the percieved luxury of time. But as you get older, that’s when dating starts to become more fun.

As you grow to be more mature you’re naturally more comfortable with yourself. You’ve either developed in to the person you wanted to be, or you’ve come to peace with your perceived flaws. That way, everything you do or say now has a confidence behind it, because you’ve seen everything before. That’s why older men are more appealing to women. Experience breeds confidence, which breeds sexiness. You’re comfortable in you and your situation.

When it comes to sex you know what you want and what has worked in the past with other partners. You’ve also figured out which personality types you’re going to be a lot more sexually compatible with. You’re past the point where you think sex is taboo and a big huge deal whenever it happens. Sometimes sex is just sex. And don’t let religion fool you, sex is important. You have to be compatible on a mental and physical level, and that includes sex. If any of those two things are not in harmony, it will erode away at all other aspects of your relationship.

If you’re still dating past twenty-five you’re probably getting pretty damn good at it. You know how to hold a conversation, which restaurants to pick, and how to flirt. You know your date routine, which outfit to wear, and your favorite places to take a date. You also know what you want in a mate. So if you don’t think someone is that person, you move on and don’t waste each other’s time. In your younger twenties you may have given him/her a shot, but now that you’re more mature, what’s the point.

As you get older you become more comfortable in your own skin, and others will respond to that, may it be in dating or just attraction. With age you’re naturally more experienced with life and you know what you want. You also know what works, and what doesn’t work. You may have insecurities about being single so “late” in life but that’s only because life hasn’t gone according to the arbitrary timeline you set when you were 12 years old. But this is life, and when has it ever gone according to your plan. All you have to do is embrace it and realize, this is the greatest time to be dating, and then make things happen.

[Photo: The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.]

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