For Men: Why You Should Delete Her Number

(Tips for those that aren’t anti-women, but pro-man.)


We’re men.

We know we’re the main aggressors when it comes to courtship and we accept that. Women are too emotional to handle the constant rejection we face in the hunt anyway, so they stand on their perceived pedestal and judge us for approaching them. But if it isn’t you, then it’s her loss right? You’re the amazing one. So if she’s playing games with you, then delete her number.

If you feel like you’ve put enough effort towards meeting a girl to go out for drinks and she’s flaky, unresponsive, or wishy-washy then delete her. If you’ve made a good enough impression on her or if she’s interested, she’s going to carve time in her schedule to see you. That’s it, plain and simple. All the “I’m really busy at work” or “maybe we’ll see” doesn’t mean a thing. The fact is, she’s just not that in to you. It could be that she’s not invested in you or it could have absolutely nothing to do with you (maybe she has a boyfriend or a giant forehead pimple). The truth is both of these things are beyond your control so delete her.

If you’re still feeling iffy about deleting her number (maybe you have a pre-existing or business relationship) then there is another alternative. Write down the first 3 digits of her phone number and put it in the notes app on your phone. That way if for some reason she does contact you, you’ll know who it is. And this is still going to have the desired effect of preventing you from contacting her.

The biggest reason you need to delete her though, is because you’re psychologically telling yourself that you don’t need her. If you put forth legitimate effort and she isn’t reciprocating then you’re a chump for sticking around. Don’t compromise yourself, no girl is worth that. There’s a certain power in hitting that giant red “delete” button and your internal confidence will grow every time you do it. There are so many other women in the world (roughly 2 million in Los Angeles) so why would you waste your time with this one. You’re better than that, so act like it and move on to the next.

[Photo: Tools, the things we use to make life easier. An antique cowboy store in Show Low, Arizona.]


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