3 Reasons Why You Should Work Out First Thing in the Morning

(Getting up early to work out is horrible. But what if that’s what it takes to get results.)

Sunrise Silverlake

I wake up at 5:30AM every morning.

I’ve always been a morning person but my recent schedule has dictated that I wake up even earlier to go to the gym. It sucks. Well at least it did for a week or two but I actually love it now. Now that I’ve done it for long enough I see the benefits of dragging myself out of bed in to the cold and hitting the gym still half asleep. So why should you work out first thing in the morning?

It frames your day
Contrary to popular belief, working out actually gives you more energy. That’s why the phrase “I’m too tired to go to the gym” doesn’t apply, what you meant is “I’m too lazy”. Sure it’s cold and dark when you wake up but there’s nothing like emerging from the gym in to the sunlight with such a giant sense of accomplishment that early in the day. This frames the whole rest of your day and you will walk around with a heightened sense of triumph and swagger. This confidence will affect the interactions you have that day from business to social relationships. There’s nothing like that early morning endorphin rush to get you going. Working out in the morning is nature’s coffee.

The later in the day it is, the less of chance you’re going to go
You’ve had a hard day at work. There’s overtime because you’re on a new project. Your friend texts you to come out for a drink because he’s meeting twins. Whatever the case may be, life happens and you may not want to go to the gym after work. You may be too lazy. You may just want to get a burrito and watch the Laker game and/or The Bachelor and relax. Your brain needs a rest, I get it. So instead of letting fate tempt you every single night why not just go work out in the morning? You need to go to the gym consistently to see results so make it a new habit and get up early.

You need discipline
It’s really hard to go to sleep that early every night. Your friends are constantly texting you to go out. You want to stay up and see Jennifer Lawrence on Letterman. You want to finish that new vampire bondage novel. There are a million reasons to want to stay up late every night and a lot of benefits to it. But in order to succeed and get in the kind of shape you desire, you need to be disciplined. You haven’t achieved your fitness goals yet because you lack discipline. It’s hard to go to sleep early and wake up early, so introduce that discipline in to your life. By doing this you’re also going to eliminating a lot of excess calories from your diet and you may save a little bit of money. You’re going to buy that many less Vodka-Crans that week, and you’re going to also make less drunk decisions like eating nachos at 2:00 AM (yes, they do taste better than 7:00 PM nachos). It’s going to take discipline to get results and of course by definition that’s going to be hard to do.

If your lifestyle is working for you and you’re seeing results from what you’re doing, then keep doing it. But if what your doing isn’t working, then why keep doing it? You need to shake things up and see if there’s a difference. Of course it’s going to be hard to adjust to, but anything that’s worth it in life doesn’t come easy. And who knows, you may end up liking it and change your waistline, bank account, and overall energy in the meantime. Getting in shape isn’t easy, but when you get there it will be all worth it. So try it out for a month. You haven’t yet achieved your goals because you lack discipline. Introduce it to your life and see the benefits.

[Photo: “Sunrise in Silverlake” Los Angeles, California.] 


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