Colombian Women and the Secret to Talking to Any Woman in the World


[EDITORS NOTE: This article first appeared on Art of Altitude, my travel blog while in South America.]

I wonder how much of an effect the media has on Colombian women out here. On television, as you may have seen on Telemundo in the US, the women are over the top attractive and there is no affirmative action; they’re not hiring a black girl or a fat guy just because its PC. Sex sells and media is a business. But the women in Colombia, particularly around Zona Rosa in Medellin, are beautiful and a large part is because they embrace their femininity. It’s a refreshing change from the hipster girls in Silverlake that dress like boys with hoodies and short hair. The women here are in great shape, curvy, and wear clothes that accent those attributes. It’s a refreshing change from American women that are unknowingly becoming more masculine. I’ve also noticed that the locals and construction workers don’t even pay attention to these Colombian dynamos as they pass by — they’re used to it. When it comes to women, I’m very much a person embraces his instincts and what he is attracted to — also known as a man. All men do this, we are drawn to women that are in shape and have a waist to hip ratio that we are psychologically attracted to; this isn’t chauvinism, this is biology. And all men respond to these kinds of women whether we admit it out loud or not.

Now some of my guy friends of course are asking the obvious question: “Backley, are you hitting on any of these women?” No, I’m not; that’s not my primary goal right now. If I met someone organically I wouldn’t shy away from it, but I’m not about to hit the discotecas every night with the ubiquitous twenty-one year old drunk Brits you find at every hostel. For the most part I have been going to bed by 11 and waking up at about 7. I’m sure the racous nights will come, but I certainly won’t seek them out. Plus, in order to create any kind of rapport with a woman you have to have a basic grasp of the language. There are so many subtleties to language like wit, sarcasm, voice inflection, and inside jokes that create rapport. For better or for worse this is why it’s so easy to make travel friends with native English speakers — because language is key to communication and communication leads to rapport. Rapport is ultimately what you need with a woman if you want to get anywhere, may it be from sex to a relationship. Men, I can hear you groan through the Internet but yes it’s true, you’re going to have to learn to how to talk to women.

I know a couple of you have a running bet that I’m going to get married down here in South America, and while that may be an extreme, I wouldn’t be opposed to one of these Colombian women knocking on my door. Or Peruvian. Or Argentinean. Or Bolivian. Or Chilean…


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