Do You Really Only Attract The Crazy Ones?

Locks[EDITORS NOTE: This article was originally posted on my worldwide travel blog Art Of Altitude]

She was easily one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. There she was, sitting on metro line 12 in Paris, France with her balding, fat, hairy chested boyfriend slouched next to her; his button-up shirt completely undone, as if the heat in the Paris subway somehow merited this eyesore. Being from Los Angeles, I’m used to seeing mismatched couples so it didn’t faze me. I reverted focus back to my podcast, until I noticed him get off at the next stop — they weren’t together. I looked over at her just in time to see relief wash over her face as she put her headphones back on.

“Why do I only get the crazy ones,” I’m sure was her first thought, except in a perfect delicate French accent.

We’ve heard it from both men and women many times in our lives, and in fact we’ve probably said it ourselves. What we don’t realize is that it’s not that we attract crazy, it’s just that the crazy ones stick out in our mind. I could easily say the same for the few women that have approached me. Any man can tell stories of crazy women that have pursued him, mostly because women seldom hit on men, and the ones that blatantly do, it’s usually because that’s the only way they’re going to get men to pay attention to them. You never remember the ones that you politely turn away and then you both move on with your lives, it’s always the extremes that seem to define our perception. Much like how women carry around the “all men are assholes” frame in their early twenties, because she dated two men in college that were mean to her (even though they were both by her own choosing).

So it’s not that you’re truly a magnet for crazy, it’s just that crazy is out there, and it likes to make it’s presence known by unbuttoning it’s shirt on the subway. The people who are only “medium crazy,” you don’t notice because you’re just so used to the attention from them that it bounces off. Tragically, these are that are normal ones that don’t even register with you, or more likely, are sitting right next to you on the subway with headphones on trying to figure out something to say.

[PHOTO: The locks placed on Pont Des Arts by couples in Paris, France — Share and “like” me below, and  say something next time you see someone cute on the subway.]


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